IONM Medical Mission Fund

The IONM Medical Mission Fund will support IONM clinicians willing to donate their time to travel to help monitor children from economically challenged countries who need related surgery.

About the Mission Award

Children around the world with congenital spinal abnormalities, such as scoliosis, can suffer neurologic dysfunction and/or grow up with challenges walking and breathing. If they unfortunately live in a country that does not offer sophisticated or routine repairs, the impact may even shorten their lifespan. SC CARES was created to help address these medical concerns. In an effort to help you care for others, we hope to help you use your skills to provide for those that do not have access to surgical repair.

The fund will support any neurophysiologist who is willing to donate their time to travel to help monitor children from economically challenged countries who need such spine surgery. The fund will cover costs up to $2,500, for airfare and hotel, for each qualified clinician selected for the award.

Associates at SpecialtyCare that have been approved for a mission trip will also be paid their regular wages for each day they are working during the mission week, not to exceed five days. Any additional days not part of the mission trip will be taken as PTO. The duration of the trip, including number of days designated as mission work and PTO must be approved by the Mission Trip Committee and operational leadership prior to the associate’s departure for the mission.


application the process

Associates will apply for the mission award by submitting their information to the Mission Trip Committee at [email protected]. Please submit the following:

  • Resume-Please include an up-to-date version with current position listed.
  • Reflective Statement-Use this section to personalize your achievements, talents, interests, and goals for participating in mission work while utilizing your certified intraoperative neuromonitoring skills. Get creative! A word document, presentation, or video are all welcome (200-500 word limit and/or 2-minute video limit).
  • Letter of AttestationThis form is required for application and should be completed by a surgical neurophysiologist supervisor or physician who can attest to your clinical skill set. 
  • Letter of IntentThis form is not required with initial application, however, completion will be necessary by the trip’s clinical leader once a specific mission trip has been identified and your participation is confirmed.
  • Peer RecommendationSend this form to a peer or colleague who can share examples of your personal and professional strengths. This should be someone who knows you and can speak to your character and interest in mission work participation.

General Questions: [email protected]