SpecialtyCare University

In the OR, knowledge is power! SpecialtyCare is dedicated to continuous improvement, and this begins with our internal training programs.

SpecialtyCare University

One of our core values at SpecialtyCare is continuous improvement. One way we do this is to invest in the professional growth of our people. Our commitment to dedicating resources to high-quality education and training programs sets us apart from others in the industry. It’s true that knowledge is power. And we believe that in the OR, knowledge is confidence, it is trust, and most importantly, it is lifesaving. Our patients deserve the very best, and we promise to deliver.

In that spirit, we launched SpecialtyCare University in January 2011, with the goal of providing ongoing growth, learning, and development opportunities for our associates. It is vital that clinicians stay current on the latest trends and techniques in their respective service line so they can provide the best patient care possible. Through a combination of academic classroom work, webinars, time with clinical mentors, and hands-on training in a state-of-the-art simulation OR, we provide our associates the tools they need to succeed right from the start. For those new to the field—either fresh out of college or making a mid-career transition—this additional education and mock surgery training helps hone critical thinking and communication skills needed in the OR. This is a high stakes environment, and the OR team must be prepared for whatever happens. As these real-life scenarios are played out during mock surgeries, our associates have the opportunity to practice, ask questions, and familiarize themselves with an OR environment.

New-hire Orientation

SpecialtyCare University, each new associate attends a mandatory orientation which consists of two full days of online interaction. Because our associates work in hospital operating rooms across the country, we believe firmly in introducing each new associate to our leadership and to the culture of our company. Each service line will then dive into their own training schedule following the two-day orientation.

Continuing Education Benefits

As an employee of SpecialtyCare, you are encouraged to learn and grow in your respective field and to pursue your career goals, whether that’s improving your skillset, moving into management, or transitioning into research or training. We offer our associates professional development funds for workshops, webinars, or online classes. And our tuition reimbursement and student loan payment assistance program help take some of the financial stress away as you invest in your future.

SpecialtyCare University is unique in the industry and something our associates genuinely value. If you are looking for a rewarding career in the operating room, SpecialtyCare is growing and ready to talk to you.