Being a Perfusionist in Reading, Pennsylvania: What are the Benefits?

Reading, Pennsylvania. Unless you’re a native of the state, chances are you’ve never heard of this little city in the southeastern part of the state. Halfway between Philadelphia and the state capital of Harrisburg, the Pretzel City (known for its numerous local pretzel bakeries) has a lot of small-town goodness to offer. Why do we bring up Reading? Because SpecialtyCare has openings for certified perfusionists there. Let’s pull back the curtain on Reading and have a closer look at what it has to offer new transplants. It may just serve as your perfect new home.

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A Haven For Cyclists

If you’re a bicyclist of any kind or have thought about getting into it, you’re in for a treat. Reading could be considered the country’s capital for cyclists, with more than 125 miles of trails in five major preserves, it is officially an International Mountain Bicycling Association Ride Center. The town also has very unique bragging rights, as it will soon be one of two hosts to a huge indoor velodrome that will serve as the world headquarters for the World Cycling League. With a 25,000 feet facility being built at a cost of $20 million, the building is the only one of its kind on the east coast. It will officially be named the National Velodrome and Events Center.

Affordable All Around

One of the best parts about living in an area with a smaller population: small town living, small town prices. All the numbers are well below the national averages in Reading. For example, the average cost of a 1 bedroom apartment there is $713 a month (the national average is $930 a month). The median cost of purchasing a home in Reading is $50,900. That’s extremely cheap compared to the national median home cost of $216,200. A small town also means no traffic jams, which will come in handy since you’ll be living within a half-hour of your working hospital.

Near Philly, Baltimore and DC

First off, think about what this means if you’re a sports fan. This puts you within driving range of the Flyers, 76ers, Phillies and the Eagles in Philly, the Orioles and the Ravens in Baltimore, and the Capitals (Stanley Cup champions), Redskins, Wizards, and the Nationals in DC. That’s a lot of professional sports, enough to satisfy any die-hard fan. Reading is just an hour away from Philly, less than 2 hours from Baltimore, and 3 hours from our nation’s capital.

Amtrak trains are available to all 3 locations if you don’t feel like driving. Whether it’s hitting up some amazing eateries in Philly or checking out the monuments in DC, there’s always something big going on in one of these cities, creating the perfect opportunities for weekend getaways.