Day in the Life: HR Edition with Julie Aebie

We greatly appreciate and value all of our SpecialtyCare Human Resources employees. This week, we’re highlighting one of our Senior Credentialing Representatives, Julie Aebie, whose work upholds our mission and vision. She discusses what led her to healthcare and what a typical day in her role looks like while sharing valuable advice and memorable moments from her career.  

What is your role in the Human Resources Department? 

I’m a Senior Credentialing Representative for RNP (Remote Neuromonitoring Physicians).

How long have you been in your role? 

I’ve been in my role in the Credentialing Department for almost six years.

What led you to become interested in healthcare HR, and can you describe the path you took? 

I started as a receptionist at a family practice and was introduced to credentialing physicians through provider enrollment and hospitals. I’ve been processing physicians for credentialing for 30+ years. It’s very gratifying to understand how my role helps sick people get the proper care they need.

What are the benefits of a career in Healthcare HR

Job security is a major benefit as there are always providers that need to be processed for approval to provide RNP at our contracted facilities. 

What’s a day in the life of a Senior Credentialing Representative for RNP like? 

I do data compliance to maintain TJC (The Joint Commission) files and communication via phone or email with respective medical staff offices, central verification offices, providers, and physicians. I also assist in maintaining accurate RNP physician files when necessary to provide the services needed. 

What communication advice would you give when it comes to the team dynamic of HR? 

My advice is always to be available to the providers, your team, and medical staff offices so you can assist as quickly as possible. 

What was a surprise to you about the career when you first started? 

It surprised me how gratifying it is to complete a provider’s file through approval, knowing they will provide services resulting in patient safety. 

What has been a memorable moment or story you’d like to share from your career? 

The appreciation I receive from the physicians and the medical staff providers when they’re able to provide the service and care that their patients need is always memorable for me. 

What do you love about your role and how it fits into the impactful mission and vision of SpecialtyCare? 

I value my small contribution to patient safety, knowing people in need are getting the best care they can get. 

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received that has prepared you for your career? 

Be flexible — there’s always something urgent that will come up, but focus on the task at hand and do your best to resolve it.

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