“Far More Fulfilling Than I’ve Ever Thought About”: Dionna Ellis, Clinical MI Specialist IV, on the Rewards of Being a Clinical Specialist

Ask any professional: Beyond simply making a living, doing work that is truly rewarding is the ideal. While careers in the healthcare industry have their challenges, they can also be dynamically fulfilling. At SpecialtyCare, our aim is to empower and equip our team members so that they can not only facilitate positive outcomes for patients but experience greater satisfaction in their careers. We recently interviewed Dionna M. Ellis to get her take on life as a Clinical MI Specialist IV with our team.

Dionna is in the Minimally Invasive Surgical Support (MISS) service line, and she’s been with us for over five years. “I started a career in surgical technology and, with the skills and knowledge obtained from my experience in that role, it led me to my current role with Specialty Care,” says Dionna. “One of the many reasons why I chose my current role was because it aligned with my passion and interests in healthcare. To know I would play a part in providing doctors with the necessary equipment and instruments needed to help patients with a better surgical approach, that was far more fulfilling than I’ve ever thought about when deciding on a career path.”

Rewards of the Job

Dionna’s everyday experience consists of a variety of tasks and interactions. “My day-to-day would be a combination of supporting surgical procedures, collaboration and effective communication with the surgical team, and always being available to assist with emergency surgeries after hours,” says Dionna. “One of the rewarding aspects of being a Clinical Specialist is the opportunity to directly contribute to the well-being of patients and the success of surgical procedures.”

The team aspect of her work is compelling as well. “My team’s dedication and collaboration have consistently led to outstanding results and achievements,” Dionna. “We truly work together as one.” She’s amazed by how much teamwork brings together people with diverse skills, knowledge, and perspectives to work toward a common objective.

But, that’s not all. Dionna loves where she gets to live and work. “My love for Memphis, Tennessee, is attributed to a combination of things that create a unique experience; but, most importantly, the vibrant cultural scene and the food!”

Why Join the SpecialtyCare Team?

If she could go back in time to when she first started her career, Dionna says she would tell herself “to stay teachable and look at failures as an experience to learn from moving forward, because this is a dynamic field that requires continuous learning and skill development.” Learning never stops. That’s why we put an emphasis on education and training for all our team members. 

Thinking about coming on board with SpecialtyCare? “Joining our team would be an exciting opportunity to be part of an amazing group of people who are driven to achieve good results as a whole,” Dionna says. “Together, we support and uplift each other every day, creating a welcoming environment for everyone.” Contact us today to learn more!