30 years Salem Health
scott beckmann

SpecialtyCare Chief Perfusionist Scott Beckmann with Salem Hospital CEO Cheryl Nester-Wolfe

SpecialtyCare would like to congratulate Salem Health for 30 years of cardiac surgery excellence. The cardiac team performed the first open-heart surgery in 1989 and since then, 9800 open hearts have followed. SpecialtyCare perfusionists have played an integral role in this milestone achievement. Through this longstanding partnership with Salem, we have provided perfusion services as well as data collection through our SpecialtyCare Operative Procedural Registry (SCOPE™) database. SCOPE is the largest procedural database of its kind and provides valuable insight into establishing benchmarks to continuously improve patient outcomes.

SpecialtyCare’s Chief Cardiovascular Perfusionist Scott Beckmann, CCP, and Area Clinical Manager Kevin Hayden were on-hand for the celebration ceremony. Beckmann said this is one of SpecialtyCare’s oldest relationships and it “keeps getting stronger and more rewarding.” He also agreed wholeheartedly with one of the speaker’s remarks: “Many people spend a lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world or in another’s life, the members of Salem’s cardiac surgery team don’t have that problem!”

Other SpecialtyCare perfusionists serving on the cardiac team at Salem include Dee Carilie, CCP, Julain Williams, CCP, and Autumn Papritz, CCP. Salem Hospital is located in Salem, Oregon.