SpecialtyCare re-certified by The Joint Commission and scores 100% for their third consecutive audit.

We are proud to announce that SpecialtyCare has been re-certified in Healthcare Staffing Services by The Joint Commission (TJC). This makes the third consecutive audit SpecialtyCare scored 100 percent on this audit and showed no deficiencies. These consistently high scores cut our survey timeframe from three days to two, and also reduced the number of credentialing files and contracts needed for review.

The HealthCare Staffing Services certification focuses on four areas: Leadership, Human Resources, Information Management, and Performance Management. The Joint Commission auditor reviews up to 30 credentialing files (10 per service line), 12 randomly selected contracts (four per service line), and speaks with a random selection of clinicians and customers. Additionally, all written documentation is reviewed to ensure compliance with standards.

Once again, our education and training stood out as most impressive during the audit, as did our focus on continuous improvement. Our associates also made a great impression, viewed as enthusiastic and full of team spirit. Staff retention was highlighted as a strength and differentiator among other staffing firms.

The auditor shared some positive feedback received from customers in regards to our staff and in the quality data we provide. One customer stated SpecialtyCare is accountable and that our staff meets the needed coverage. When interviewed, our associates complimented the education reimbursement benefits, having the proper tools to do their job, and having a healthy work-life balance.

We were thrilled to once again showcase our services and staff to The Joint Commission and appreciate everyone’s efforts across the organization to provide excellent patient care every day.