Supporting Surgical Success.

Also known as MISS, SpecialtyCare’s minimally invasive surgical support team reduces expenditures, decreases OR downtime, and increases positive outcomes.


Minimally Invasive Surgical Support Services

SpecialtyCare’s Minimally Invasive Surgical Support Team provides the support your hospital needs for the technical demands of surgery. We work with surgeons all across America to provide surgical support that increases positive outcomes with patients and reduces the overall cost for hospitals. Our highly trained clinicians use the latest video tower technology and surgical instruments to make sure surgeons are satisfied and to keep the operating room running as smoothly as humanly possible.

What SpecialtyCare MISS Provides

First, SpecialtyCare provides the most modern equipment available in healthcare that is tailored to a surgeons’ needs. With your equipment covered, your operating team can focus on the patient rather than technical issues, which is the most important of all.

Secondly, when it comes to minimally invasive surgical support, listening is the key. Our clinicians listen and act swiftly based on surgeon requests in a thorough and timely manner, which allows us to anticipate the needs of the surgical team and guarantee complete instrumentation sets and proper room preparation to keep the surgical departments on schedule.

Your team can also benefit from:

Reduced Expenditures. We purchase, repair, and maintain instruments and equipment so you don’t have to make major money decisions every three to five years, which allows you to spend your extra dollars elsewhere.

Decreased OR Downtime. We manage the levels of trays and backup instruments to eliminate downtime. We also assist with setup, provide verbal assistance, and clean and maintain instruments after each procedure.

Here are a few other ways SpecialtyCare can help:

  • Clinical quality data reports with benchmarking capabilities
  • Expert handling of instruments and equipment
  • Assistance, troubleshooting, and pre-op to post-op support
  • Better cost savings through planning, reduced downtime, and workflow management

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Save Costs With Our MISS Team

The SpecialtyCare MISS team saves you the investment cost to hire, train, equip, and manage a special team of minimally invasive technicians. We focus on strategic planning and workflow management to make sure we can guarantee readiness and avoid downtime.

We not only purchase, repair, and maintain instruments and equipment, which reduces the need for repairs, we also drive savings by converting from expensive disposables to reusable equipment, and also by assisting with reprocessing programs. Our program’s approach helps you avoid major capital outlays so that you can spend your extra dollars elsewhere.

In a nutshell, we can save you money on every procedure by:

  • Providing supplemental to unlimited new instruments
  • Maintaining instruments with repairs and replacements
  • Reducing the need for repairs from expert handling
  • Assisting with reprocessing programs
  • Eliminating immediate use steam sterilization
  • Converting to reusable equipment


The MISS Dashboard

The SpecialtyCare Minimally Invasive Surgical Support Dashboard provides web-based reports that summarize clinical results. We collect and analyze a comprehensive list of quality measures, including equipment failure and frequency of immediate use steam sterilization.

On top of our regular reports, we can also provide custom data analyses and post hoc investigations to help hospital administrators and surgeons target and improve specific elements of clinical care and operating room processes.

Our MISS Experience and Qualifications

With more than 20 years of experience, we know how to meet the technical demands of any surgical environment. Our MISS clinicians support over 160,000 cases annually, and they’re backed by our highly trained management team, so you can trust us to deliver the expertise you need.

We leverage the latest in video tower technology and surgical instrumentation and expertly adjust par levels of trays and backup equipment.

From pre-op to post-op, we provide the reliable and knowledgeable support you need to ensure surgeon satisfaction and quality patient outcomes.

With SpecialtyCare’s dedicated MISS clinicians onsite, you will have a sturdy foundation with all the makings of a successful surgical services program. On top of regular competency testing and ongoing education, our clinicians must meet the standards and recommendations set by the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN), the Joint Commission, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

With education through SpecialtyCare University, which includes a fully equipped, simulated OR for training, we develop expertise for our clinicians beyond required certifications so that your surgical team can be certain they have the best partner for clinical excellence.

As a brand-neutral partner, SpecialtyCare customizes instrumentation sets tailored to hospital and surgeon preferences, increasing satisfaction and quality clinical outcomes. Our commitment to you extends beyond the vital necessities of room preparation and patient safety, however.

Through strategic planning and the use of best MISS practices, we streamline processes to reduce downtime, provide metrics for continuous improvement, and assist with staff education and training-all to ensure that your OR runs as smoothly as possible.


About SpecialtyCare

At SpecialtyCare, our goal is to help you build an operating room of excellence and provide the most successful outcomes for your patients. Patient care is our first and last priority. We take an approach based on evidence that focuses on clinical quality, a commitment to excellence, and continuous improvement backed by best-in-class education, training, and research.

We are the market leader in perfusion and intraoperative neuromonitoring, and the industry’s choice for autotransfusion, sterile processing consulting, surgical assist, and minimally invasive surgical support. Surgeons and hospital staff should always have the best possible means to make sure they have the most positive patient outcomes, while simultaneously being able to maintain their own financial health and success.

To help our clients achieve this goal, we are committed to delivering exceptional care outcomes, patient safety, and financial results in more than a thousand hospitals and health systems, supporting 13,500 physicians during 400,000+ procedures annually

With over 1,600 clinicians providing the highest possible quality care, we have a national presence that gives our medical team access to extensive, unmatched clinical data for conducting research to identify trends, determine benchmarks, create new and better practices, and innovation that advances patient care.

As a Joint Commission-certified organization with our own university, which includes a fully equipped operating for training our clinicians, we develop expertise beyond required certifications so that your surgical team can be certain they have the best partner for clinical excellence.

In addition, we truly understand the unexpected high cost of equipment failure and inefficiency. That’s why we focus on strategic planning and streamlined workflow management to guarantee readiness, avoid downtime, and optimize asset utilization.

At SpecialtyCare, we never lose sight of the fact that our top priority is to the people that trust us to care for them, and that is our patients and their families who deserve our effort and respect. We challenge the status quo and thrive in pursuing opportunities to advance what’s possible.
We want our customers to feel at ease, confident, and certain about our capabilities. We want to connect with them as members of the same team, working toward the same common goals.

We are physicians, perfusionists, neurophysiologists, and clinical specialists. We are trainers, recruiters, analysts, and schedulers. We all have family and friends, and we want them to receive the best possible care when they need it. We are SpecialtyCare.


Join Us and Grow With Us

SpecialtyCare continues to expand and we need compassionate, hard-working people to succeed alongside us. We serve more than 1,100 hospitals and support over 13,500 surgeons across the United States. We pride ourselves in hiring the best of the best. People who are eager to be inspired in the healthcare field and who share our values and commitment to innovation in surgical procedures should definitely apply.

We are the provider with the most experience of outsourced clinical services in the industry, participating in surgeries each year in 45 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.