A second pair of expert hands.

Save your facility in expense and improve your overall efficiency with our expert surgical assistants.


Our Surgical Assist Services

An upcoming surgery can leave a patient and their family with fear and anxiety. Part of our job is to calm those fears by running a successful operating room. They need the security of knowing that their surgeon will be surrounded by a highly qualified team that is dedicated to providing the best in patient care. Surgical assistants play a critical role in the OR, providing another pair of skilled hands during simple surgeries to the most complex and specialized procedures. Surgeons need a team they can trust, and patients deserve the best care. SpecialtyCare delivers this and more. Partnering with us can save hospitals in downtime and expense, and improve overall OR efficiency.

Surgical Assistants and Their Role in the OR

Our team of surgical assistants consists of certified surgical physician assistants, registered nurse first assistants, and certified surgical assistants who support the surgeon across a range of areas, including:

  • General surgery
  • Orthopedics
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Neuro/Spine
  • Urology
  • Cardiothoracic
  • Plastics
  • Robotics

Partnering with SpecialtyCare to staff your hospital OR benefits everyone involved.

Listen to Checking the Vitals

In this podcast we dive deep into the healthcare space, from the people that dedicate their lives to patient care to the companies improving patient outcomes through innovation. From well-respected surgeons and thought leaders to those on the front lines of healthcare, we’ll bring you conversations with those making a difference both in the OR and beyond. Through in-depth interviews with nurses, sterile processing technicians, clinical managers, and even healthcare technology companies and startups, we’ll discuss what’s on the horizon in the industry in regards to careers, technology, and innovation.


Benefits of Surgical Assist to Surgeons

Due to the complexity of many surgical procedures—and the technology, equipment, and instruments required to safely and accurately perform them—surgeons often require a “first surgical assistant” and, sometimes, a “second surgical assistant” to perform vital tasks during surgery. A surgical first assistant is an integral part of the surgical team, working directly under the supervision of the surgeon. They are often involved in pre- and post-operative procedures, for instance, prepping the patient for surgery, closing incisions, and applying wound dressings.

SpecialtyCare’s surgical assistants instill confidence by providing surgeons with reliable, assured support in the most critical times. As integrated members of the surgeon’s team, our associates learn their OR rhythm and begin to anticipate needs before they arise. As a company, SpecialtyCare values efficiency, so our team works with both speed and accuracy to keep the OR on schedule and running smoothly.

Benefits of Surgical Assist to Patients

Patients can rest assured knowing our surgical assist team is there to make their surgery safer and to improve overall operating room efficiency. Our staff helps to reduce patient length of stay, which reduces the overall costs.

Benefits of Surgical Assist to the Hospital

When a hospital entrusts SpecialtyCare to provide surgical assist services, we guarantee we are not only providing the best staff, but we are improving OR efficiency, reducing costs, and improving overall patient outcomes.

Highly qualified staff

We hire talented, highly skilled clinicians to serve in our partner hospitals because our number one priority is the patient – always. As a contingency of employment, each associate must demonstrate competency in our simulation OR. Once hired, our surgical assistants receive regular training through SpecialtyCare University on the latest techniques and developments in the field. Each year they must pass a rigorous clinical competency evaluation in these and other areas:

  • Patient physiological status assessment
  • Infection control
  • Patient preparation
  • Pre-op preparation
  • Intraoperative surgical support
  • Post-op skills
  • Effective communication


Hassle-free HR

We take on all of the costs associated with recruiting, training, and insuring our associates. Our recruitment team manages all the logistics of hiring surgical assistants, From handling insurance benefits, to other company benefits such as paid time off, we have it covered. We also manage all credentialing and ensure each associate is up-to-date on certifications.

Data That Drives Continuous Improvement

Because we support more than 1,100 hospitals and nearly 400,000 procedures across our service lines each year, SpecialtyCare has the industry’s largest multi-institutional operative registry. Our SCOPE™ database enables us to conduct unparalleled clinical research. This allows our medical office to identify and disseminate emerging trends and best practices. We track and report first-case start delay, participation in surgical timeout, incision time, closure time, and the time the surgeon leaves the operating room. We are consistently improving the quality of our services to ensure patients are receiving the best care possible.