SpecialtyCare Celebrates Health Unit Coordinator Day

SpecialtyCare is proud to celebrate Health Unit Coordinator Day on August 23, 2021. This day is part of a more significant celebration, Health Unit Coordinator Appreciation Week, August 23-29. This week celebrates their contributions to the healthcare industry. These professionals perform various duties and play an essential role in ensuring that the medical facility runs smoothly. 

What Is a Health Unit Coordinator?

A health unit coordinator ensures that the administrative and operational duties within a medical facility run smoothly. They also support the medical staff by checking patients in, organizing charts, documenting physicians’ orders, assisting the nursing station, and preparing birth certificates. These procedural requirements are necessary within any medical facility, so health unit coordinators play an integral part in carrying out these roles. 

History of Health Unit Coordinator Day

After World War II, a massive shift in the healthcare industry resulted in lower-quality care due to an influx of patients. Due to these changes, nurses and physicians struggled to perform their day-to-day responsibilities. To ensure a dedicated focus on patient care, they created the role of a health unit coordinator. Hospitals and other medical facilities rely on hundreds of people across various departments to work together. Health unit coordinators vastly improved efficiency within medical centers. Since this pivotal moment, they now take on more operational responsibilities within healthcare facilities. 

Becoming a Health Unit Coordinator

To become a health unit coordinator, you must complete an associate’s degree or certificate program. Once you complete this and gain some initial experience, you can get certified through the National Association of Health Unit Coordinators. This entire process typically takes up to two years. 

Celebrating Health Unit Coordinator Day 2021 

There are currently 4.11 million health unit coordinators nationwide. Without their contributions, medical facilities wouldn’t be able to navigate their day-to-day operations. There are various ways that you can celebrate and show your appreciation, including giving a gift, saying “thank you” to a health unit coordinator, or sharing the love and support on social media with the hashtag “#nahuc”. These individuals often don’t receive the recognition they deserve, so SpecialtyCare wishes to extend our sincere appreciation to all health unit coordinators who make a significant difference in medical facilities nationwide and the lives of patients every day. 

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