SpecialtyCare’s Presentation at the 2021 Society of Thoracic Surgeons Meeting on COVID-19 and ECMO Featured in MedPage Today. Results From Our National Experience Reaffirms ECMO as a Strategy for COVID-19 Patients with Severe and Medically Refractory Respiratory Problems

SpecialtyCare is honored to share that our research and presentation titled: “Analysis of 189 Consecutive Patients with COVID-19 and Severe Pulmonary Compromise Treated with Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO): Outcomes and Trends Over Time” was presented at The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) virtual meeting on January 30, 2021 and was also featured on the front page of MedPage Today. The research was presented by Dr. Jeffrey P. Jacobs of University of Florida in Gainesville, in conjunction with SpecialtyCare’s Medical Department.

As mentioned in the MedPage Today article by Nicole Lou, Dr. Jacobs stated “Our experience and analysis of 189 consecutive patients at 28 hospitals reveal that ECMO facilitates salvage and survival of select critically ill patients with COVID-19,” Dr. Jacobs concluded. “Expansion of studies such as the current analysis presented here will provide a means to further define the role of ECMO in the management of severely compromised patients with COVID-19 and will serve to refine the optimal use of ECMO in these patients, with the goal of continuing to enhance survival.”

See the full research abstract from the presentation linked here. 

About the Research: 

A real-time cohort study was conducted of all patients with confirmed COVID-19 who were supported with ECMO therapy provided by SpecialtyCare clinicians from March 2020. This study is ongoing today and currently involves over 300 patients with COVID-19 supported at 29 hospitals. Data captured included patient characteristics, pre-COVID-19 risk factors and comorbidities, confirmation of COVID-19 diagnosis, features of ECMO support, medications, and short-term outcomes through hospital discharge. This database is prospectively maintained on all COVID-19 patients supported with ECMO, and it is now an added component of SpecialtyCare’s Operative Procedural Registry, or SCOPE™, the largest multi-institutional database of its kind.

About SpecialtyCare: 

With over 1,500 clinicians supporting over 410,000 procedures annually, SpecialtyCare provides the highest quality people, services, and technology to the operating room. More than 1,100 hospitals and 13,500 physicians trust SpecialtyCare to help them achieve exceptional care outcomes, regulatory compliance, and financial results. By maintaining the SpecialtyCare Operative Procedural Registry (SCOPE™), the largest procedural database of its kind, we identify standards, determine benchmarks, disseminate best practices, and foster innovations and efficiencies that improve patient outcomes. Accredited and certified by The Joint Commission, SpecialtyCare develops expertise beyond industry requirements. Customers trust our highly trained clinicians delivering excellence in perfusion, ECMO, intraoperative neuromonitoring, autotransfusion, sterile processing management, surgical assist, and minimally invasive surgical support.

How SpecialtyCare Services Clients with ECMO: 

SpecialtyCare is a trusted partner and an industry leader in perfusion services. We understand what it takes to set up an OR that is efficient, cost-effective, and staffed properly with the right people and equipment. This knowledge helps us provide the best advice to clients that would either like to establish a new ECMO program or evaluate their current program for improvement. Our staff will provide an assessment and offer the solution that best meets your goals for patient care. If you are a hospital provider interested in discussing how SpecialtyCare can help build your ECMO program, contact us today.