Studies Show Reduced Risks for Pediatric Scoliosis Patients

SpecialtyCare is the largest provider of intraoperative neuromonitoring (IONM) services in the nation with 130,000 cases annually. Our Surgical Neurophysiologists work alongside the world’s leading surgeons to help identify any early signs of neurological injury.

SpecialtyCare Pediatric Scoliosis Patients had 42% Fewer Neurologic Complications

In a recent study, SpecialtyCare tracked over 15,000 pediatric scoliosis correction surgeries between the years of 2016 to 2021. Compared to the national complication rate for scoliosis surgery of 0.99%¹, SpecialtyCare showed significant improvement with an overall injury rate of .57%. This reduction is equal to 63 pediatric patients avoiding injury and is associated with $870K in reduced hospital charges as well as 164 fewer in-patient days.²,³

Overall, savings with prevention of one spinal cord injury is estimated between $544K – $1.4M in first year costs of care.4

How SpecialtyCare Delivers Better Care

Data-Driven Research and Innovation:

Using data to improve patient outcomes and reduce risk has become vital to hospitals and their personnel. Investment in a comprehensive data infrastructure is a sign that your IONM partner is constantly working to advance the ways they provide their services and demonstrates a dedication to improving care quality. Without thorough data collection and review processes, other outsource IONM providers can’t identify areas where their services need improvement, or find ways to help optimize your program’s outcomes.

Education and Quality People:

A benefit of working with an IONM partner is alleviating your burden of managing the training and education of technical staff. SpecialtyCare’s education program is highly specialized and at the top of its industry. We focus on didactic, clinical, and ongoing education. The quality of the surgical neurophysiologists working in your OR is dependent on how comprehensive their program is and the opportunity for advancement they provide.

Surgeons can be assured that SpecialtyCare is dedicated to an ongoing commitment to clinical excellence and quality. SpecialtyCare’s expertise in IONM helps reduce risk, improve efficiency, and ensure patient safety.