What’s It Like to Be a Surgical Neurophysiologist in Denver?

As a surgical neurophysiologist seeking great job opportunities, you would do well to consider moving to Denver, Colorado. Denver is a beautiful city close to the mountains that offers lots of recreational activities, crisp weather, specialty museums, scenic parks, and great eating. But there are a few things you’ll want to know about the culture and conditions in the city before you decide to find a job there.

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Denver Is Big (and Young)

Denver is becoming a fairly large city, boasting a population of around 700,000. However, the combined metropolitan area (which includes Aurora and Boulder) hosts 3 million inhabitants, making it an exciting and industrious place to live. Denver is also young, with nearly 70% of its population under the age of 44. It’s also an ideal place for dating: The male to female ratio is 50/50.

The Housing Situation

While housing in Denver is not as costly as living in San Francisco or LA, the median price of a home is $400K, twice the national average. Because the metro area is so popular, many people who choose to rent get a renting agent to help them find a good place to lease. While you may want to be close to your hospital, you can save money by living a little farther out, and most people travel by car anyway. The average commute is about 30 minutes.

Things to Do and See

If you decide to move to Denver while working as a surgical neurophysiologist, you’ll have plenty of things to do and see. Aside from taking in the natural beauty surrounding you, you can get your fill of scenic views as you hit the Denver Botanic Gardens, hike Mount Evans, and explore Rocky Mountain National Park. You can easily get into rock-climbing and skiing to work out your stress from long days at the hospital. You can also take regular strolls around the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and the Denver Art Museum. And whether you love sports or not, football is very popular — so you may eventually have to become a Broncos fan.

Work in Denver as a Surgical Neurophysiologist

If you’re interested in finding a great IONM job in Denver, CO, get in touch with us at SpecialtyCare. We’re a premier allied health provider with connections to over a thousand hospitals around the country. We can help you find an excellent surgical assignment so that you can enjoy everything that Denver has to offer.