“It’s a Very Rewarding Field”: Austin McFadden, Clinical MI Specialist I, on Teamwork and Success

At SpecialtyCare, we’re dedicated to your success. But, you don’t have to simply take our word for it. We recently interviewed Austin McFadden, a Clinical MI Specialist I, to learn more about her experience in her work at our company.

Austin has been with us since May of this year. “I chose this role because it’s a way to make a difference in surgery that truly can help patients get back to their day-to-day lives since we specialize in minimally invasive procedures,” says Austin. “I was a surgical technologist for eight years before finding SpecialtyCare. The operating room is no stranger to me and is a place I enjoy spending my time for work.”

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Austin’s job isn’t just about providing technical support. It’s about the relationships and collaborations she has with her team in the OR. “My day-to-day begins getting to work before procedures begin so I can make sure the surgeons will have everything they need for a successful surgery,” says Austin. “[I focus on] maintaining a good relationship with the staff because I communicate with them regularly and work alongside them all day. After the procedure is finished, I make sure our products are clean and sterilized. I love the teamwork between all of the MISS techs. We all work hard to ensure a positive work flow.”

Austin’s experience on our team has been enhanced by our emphasis on professional growth. “Working for a company that I truly feel cares for the success of their employees has been so rewarding,” says Austin. “They want you to move up with the company and always find ways to help you do that!”

She enjoys working in Memphis, where she lives, but she also appreciates the flexibility of being able to travel to meet patients’ needs. “I was surprised that we were able to travel and help hospitals and patients, not just in the city we’re from.”

Take the Leap with SpecialtyCare

Pertaining to her work in surgical technology, Austin says, “Even though it’s hard at first, it’s a very rewarding field to be able to help so many people!” She’s been able to use her talents in a variety of ways as one of our team members. For those who are considering taking the leap with us, Austin says, “[SpecialtyCare] is a company that you can really grow with and not just feel like you’re at a plateau a couple of years down the line.” Contact us today to learn more!