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SpecialtyCare is currently looking for IONM specialists who are interested in moving to Florida. We have a position open for surgical neurophysiologist in Tallahassee. Ranked on the “Top 100 Best Places to Live in 2019” list by Livability, the capital of Florida is a culmination of all the best elements of the Sunshine State. It also cracked the Top 10 of Southern Living Magazine’s “Best Cities in the South” list this year. If you’re certified with IONM experience and thinking of a locale change, read on as we explore the top reasons why Tallahassee could be a good fit.

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Great Weather & Beaches

Tallahassee may not be a beach town in and of itself, but the ocean isn’t too far away at all. Just 90 minutes away is St. George Island, the ultimate relaxing getaway for Tallahassee natives. St. George boasts one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the state, and locals love it because it hasn’t become too crowded. Although, if more of a crowd is your thing, Panama City Beach is only 2 hours away, and another 30 minutes past that will get you to Destin. You can also enjoy the glorious Florida sun 233 days out of the year with absolutely no winter season. And average annual high temps remain mild and comfortable (66 degrees to 83 degrees) for 7 months out of the year. That’s tough to beat if you’re someone who prefers a warm climate.

FSU Football

There’s no hiding the fact that Tallahassee is a college football town, and if that’s your bag, you’ll feel right at home. The Florida State University Seminoles hold 3 national championships and a whopping 18 conference titles, 3 of which were won in the last 7 years. They’ve also appeared in 48 bowl games and won 29 of them. Thousands descend upon the city on Saturday afternoons and nights to cheer their team on, with dozens of local bars holding drink specials and playing the games on TV. Tailgating is also huge at the stadium and all around the area.


Considering Tallahassee is in Florida and near the beach, you would expect it to be pretty expensive to live in, right? Surprisingly, the cost of living is relatively low. According to, the median cost of a house there is $176,800, well below the median cost in the state of Florida overall ($225,200). The average cost of a 1 bedroom is $867 a month while the national average is $930 a month. It also gets an A+ score for amenities from Florida is also a great state to retire in with no personal income tax or social security tax.