Why You Should be a Perfusionist in Mishawaka, Indiana

Reasons to be a Perfusionist in Mishawaka

Yep, that’s right. You may have never heard of it, but Mishawaka, Indiana is a growing commercial city on the St. Joseph River. Nicknamed the Princess City (after Princess Mishawaka, daughter of a Shawnee chief), Mishawaka is mostly known for its connection to South Bend, which is the home of Notre Dame just 4 miles away. Why do we mention Mishawaka? Because SpecialtyCare is currently hiring for a perfusionist there. If you’re already certified and looking to mix things up, location-wise, your look may be over. Let’s take a look at Mishawaka and see if it’s the right fit for you.

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Notre Dame Football

Let’s get right down to it, South Bend is a football town through and through, and Mishawaka is an extension of that.  If you’re a football fan, you’re in for a real treat. With one of the most iconic and successful programs in the history of college football, the Fighting Irish have a whopping 13 national championships. They’re tied with Oklahoma and Ohio State for the record of most Heisman trophy winners (7 total), but Notre Dame leads the pack as far as the number of individual winners. Enjoy tailgating at Notre Dame stadium or the surrounding bars with drink specials.

Cheap Living

One thing is for sure, you won’t have to worry about high expenses within the Mishawaka city limits. With a population of under 50,000, property value is relatively cheap, especially when compared to national numbers. The cost of living is so low that Area Vibes scores the city a B+ for cost of living and an A+ for amenities.  And according to, the value of a home there is way below the national average. The median cost of a home in Mishawaka is 107,700 (compared to the national cost of $216,200). For those of you renters out there, the average cost of a 1 bedroom there is $696 a month, far below the $930 U.S. average.

A Ton of Things to Do

No matter where your interests lie for entertainment, there’s always something to get into in Mishawaka. There’s the Potawatomi Zoo, Indiana’s oldest animal park, with 23 acres of animal fun. There’s gorgeous Shiojiri Garden, a traditional Japanese garden complete with a teahouse, symbolic rocks and walking paths. Then, of course, there’s the Riverwalk along the St. Joseph, perfect for a relaxing stroll. Other popular outside venues are Battell Park and Merrifield Park with a skating rink.