New Year, New Goals Pt. 1

SpecialtyCare has partnered with Harvard Business Publishing to launch the Harvard ManageMentor program, the most trusted on-demand leadership development resource. Harvard ManageMentor covers 42 essential business topics ranging from developing employees to stress management and delivering critical management skills. 

The start of a new year is an excellent opportunity to set new goals and develop your professional skillset. Change Management, Decision Making, and Goal Setting are three essential business topics covered in Harvard’s ManageMentor program. 

Change Management 

Learn how to become more flexible with Change Management. Every company faces increasing competition, technological changes, financial disruption, demographic shifts, and more. These challenges have made the organizational change more critical than ever. 

Change can be uncomfortable and overwhelming, but it happens. Change Management helps you work through the anxiety, conflicts, and concerns. Learn steps to prepare your employees for change, minimize anxiety, and maximize productivity. These engaging videos, infographics, and curated articles will help you positively manage change and set you and your team up for success. 


You’ll have to make many decisions throughout your life. There are also times when you’ll want a diverse team to help you make decisions because differing perspectives generate various, thoughtful ideas. Therefore, finding practical ways to improve your Decision-Making process is a critical skill to have. 

Learn how to become an efficient and effective decision maker by selecting the Decision-Making method specific to your situation and by avoiding biases, unproductive group dynamics, groupthink, and ending deliberations to navigate a decision to closure. 

Goal Setting

Setting goals is an important personal and professional skill. Establishing clear goals and holding yourself and your team accountable to reach them promotes a culture of achievement within your organization. Now, you just need to take the first step and get your and your team’s goals on track. 

Prioritize personal and organizational goals with Harvard Manage Mentor’s Goal Setting. You’ll learn about priming the goal-setting process, understanding why your goals need to be SMART, how to monitor progress, and best practices for evaluating your goals and capturing lessons learned. 

Start the new year off right by developing your personal and organizational skill set. Harvard ManageMentor provides fast and practical learning resources that will set your and your team’s long-term success. 

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