New Year, New Goals Pt. 2

SpecialtyCare has partnered with Harvard Business Publishing to launch the Harvard ManageMentor program, the most trusted on-demand leadership development resource. Harvard ManageMentor covers 42 essential business topics ranging from developing employees to stress management and delivering critical management skills. 

The start of a new year is an excellent opportunity to set new goals and develop your professional skillset. Leveraging Your Networks, Meeting Management, and Retaining Employees are three essential business topics covered in the Harvard ManageMentor program. 

Leveraging Your Networks  

Leverage your networks to the fullest so you can succeed at work. Using your networks doesn’t just help you find a job but helps you do the job. Leveraging Networks will help you develop diverse networks that will drive your success at work. 

You’ll learn the value of mapping your networks, strategies for using and strengthening your networks, how to establish and maintain network relationships, and tips for sustaining your networks. Make the most of Harvard ManageMentor by learning how to maintain old contacts or creating a new network. 

Meeting Management  

Make your meetings more productive and meaningful. Many organizational meetings don’t have a focused agenda, wasting valuable time. Learning to prepare for, lead, and follow up will help managers turn their meetings into powerful sessions. Understanding the purpose and dynamics behind effective meetings will improve productivity. 

Meeting Management will teach you when it’s appropriate to call a meeting, how to build a focused agenda, how to engage everyone and keep the discussion on task, how to deal with obstacles such as tardiness, disruption, and conflict, and how to identify next steps following the meeting. 

Retaining Employees 

Don’t let your best employees slip away. A manager’s success directly correlates to their employees’ performance. Burnout culture is highly prevalent, so it’s essential to keep your most valuable employees happy and motivated to achieve team and organizational success. 

Keeping employees fulfilled can be challenging. Retaining Employees will help you understand why employees typically leave or stay at jobs, how to fill a role with the right person, why company culture is critical to keeping your most talented employees, and give you best practices for retaining employees at every level. 

Start the new year off by developing your personal and organizational skill set. Harvard ManageMentor provides fast and practical learning resources that will set your team’s long-term success. 

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