Top 5 Reasons to be a Surgical Neurophysiologist in Philadelphia

Great news for surgical neurophysiologists reading this right now. SpecialtyCare is currently hiring in Philly. If you’re certified with IONM experience under your belt, you should definitely consider an exciting move with us. Let’s zoom in on Philadelphia and take a look at the top reasons why you should be thinking about a local change there.

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1) A History Buff’s Dream

For you history buffs out there, Philadelphia is one of the major museum headquarters of the United States. Given its rich American history, dating back centuries, this makes total sense. At the top of the list is City Tavern, a recreated version of the original 18th-century tavern the Founding Fathers used to drink at, which serves authentic colonial recipes today. Then there’s the Betsy Ross House, which honors the first American flag maker. The list goes on to include the National Museum of American Jewish History, The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, the African American Museum, the Philadelphia Mint, and the Mütter Museum, dedicated to medical history. And then there’s the ultimate Philly museum…

2) Philadelphia Museum of Art

 We can’t mention Philly without mentioning the infamous Rocky steps, now can we? Run up those steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art like a champ after posing at the Rocky statue below (contrary to rumors, it’s still there). Then, enjoy over 400,000 works of art in the museum, featuring world-class art from the greats such as “Sunflowers” by Vincent Van Gogh or “Three Musicians” by Pablo Picasso.

3) Great American Food

Of course, the Philly cheesesteaks are fantastic! Checking out Pat’s, Geno’s, and John’s Roast Pork is practically a rite of passage. But, the City of Brotherly Love has much more tasty local goodness to offer, like their infamous soft pretzels you can find on street carts all over. There’s even a midnight Pretzel Ride for bikers. You can also check out the annual Wing Bowl, the massive chicken-wing eating competition, or $1 hot dog night at the Phillies stadium while catching a game in the summer.

4) Awesome Sports Teams

Philly has a popular sports team for all major sports. How can you possibly beat that? First, you have the 2018 Super Bowl champs, the Eagles. Then, you’ve got the 76ers, the Flyers, and the Phillies out at Citizens Bank Park. The city even has its own professional soccer team in the MLS, the Philadelphia Union, bringing you to five major teams total.

5) Housing Prices

Philaedelphia is gaining residents daily due to the reasonable pricing of its real estate. When it comes to housing on the East Coast, there’s no better city to spend your money on than Philly. Unlike DC and NYC, house prices remain very reasonable in Philadelphia with a diverse range of styles to fit your taste. With a median sales price of $250,000, it’s understandable why so many people are flocking to this gorgeous city.