We’re Hiring for a Surgical Neurophysiologist in Seattle, WA

By joining SpecialtyCare, you become a very important part of the surgical and patient care teams, supporting patient diagnosis in the clinic, spine surgery, neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery, vascular surgery, and other procedures. Surgeons and physicians have come to trust our team’s skills, knowledge, and judgment during these complex procedures because we are trustworthy, we demonstrate competency and reassurance, and we provide the highest quality feedback with the highest quality of standards in the industry.

At SpecialtyCare, our commitment to patient care includes our Clinical Quality Indicator Program, which tracks neuromonitoring performance and then uses the data to innovate and identify opportunities for improvement. By being a part of such a large number of procedures under complex conditions and by working with world-class surgeons, our surgical neurophysiologists and monitoring physicians are the most experienced in the industry.

Join SpecialtyCare and start your Neuro Services career in Seattle, WA today!

Seattle, Washington is the largest city in the state and the Pacific Northwest. A seaport town located between Puget Sound and Lake Washington, Seattle boasts of beautiful natural scenery and a thriving urban environment. Thanks to the climate, inhabitants of Seattle can enjoy skiing, cycling, camping, hiking, and even sailing throughout the year. It’s excellent for both individuals and families, with a host of travel-worthy attractions, dining, and entertainment.

If you’re a Surgical Neurophysiologist interested in this IONM job opportunity with SpecialtyCare, here’s what you could expect from living in Seattle, WA: 

Climate, Nature, and Activities

Residents of Seattle enjoy cool winters and mild summers that are amenable to a variety of outdoor activities and sight-seeing. While Seattle is known for rain, most of the precipitation is light drizzle; Seattle actually receives less total rainfall per year than other major cities like New York City or Miami. You can expect cloudy weather approximately half the year, partly cloudy weather about 30% of the year, and sunny weather the remaining 20% of the year.

If you like to hike, you can get your fill of alpine lakes, beaches, rainforests, and mountains within a few hours from the city (or less). Three national parks are local to Seattle: North Cascades Park, Mt. Rainier National Park, and Olympic National Park. Other popular destinations like Bainbridge Island and Seward Park, not far from the city center, allow you to soak up the restorative qualities of the outdoors and return to civilization as soon as you please. With plenty of surrounding water, you always have the option to go boating, kayaking, or canoeing. Camping and cycling are other activities that pair well with hiking, climbing, and exploring Seattle’s natural landscapes.

Good Eating (and Coffee)

There’s always something new and delicious to enjoy in Seattle’s thriving food scene. With the 5th highest concentration of restaurants in the country, plenty of fresh seafood, and a focus on local ingredients, Seattle offers a plethora of fine dining. And if you love coffee, you’ll quickly feel at home. Seattle has a strong (even global) reputation for sourcing and roasting quality coffee. It’s the birthplace of Starbucks, after all. You may even want to visit the original Starbucks location at Pike Place Market, a sprawling farmer’s market that offers novelties for locals and tourists alike.

Sports, Theater, Art, and Music

As the 15th largest city in the US, Seattle has a handful of major sports teams. You can visit Lumen Field to catch a Seahawks or Sounders game, head out to T-Mobile to watch the Mariners play, or bundle up and visit Climate Pledge Stadium to see the Kraken slice up the ice.

If you’re interested in the theater, you’ll want to visit the Seattle Repertory Theatre, the Paramount, and the 5th Avenue Theater. You can even catch improv shows at Unexpected Productions. The Pacific Northwest Ballet and the Spectrum Dance Theater host a variety of premier dance performances, and you can learn to dance at the Century Ballroom. 

When it comes to display art, Seattle is home to the famous Chihuly Garden and Glass, a unique exhibition of colorful blown glass artwork, as well as the Seattle Art Museum, the Frye, and the Henry. And for music lovers, there’s no shortage of venues to enjoy live shows and concerts. Some venues offer music and entertainment for all ages. 

When it comes to Seattle, there’s more than enough for individuals, couples, and families to enjoy — both in the city and in the beautiful surrounding landscape!

Work in Seattle as a Surgical Neurophysiologist

As a Surgical Neurophysiologist, you’ll find plenty to love in Seattle, especially if you want the perks of living in a sprawling urban metropolis that is located near scenic mountains, lakes, forests, and the beach. SpecialtyCare, a premier allied healthcare provider, offers top-tier IONM jobs — and we have an opportunity in Seattle, WA, for a talented clinician like you. We’re the largest provider of IONM services in the US, and we would love to have you on board. Click here to learn more about the specifications of the job and to apply