Perfusion is a vital and continually developing field, one that is instrumental to the overall efficacy of cardiothoracic surgery. As the industry leader in perfusion services, SpecialtyCare collects valuable data from the experiences of our perfusionists (as well as our other specialists) across the country. This growing knowledge pool is shared with other clinicians, allowing thousands of others to benefit from findings across a wide variety of procedures and cases.

What Is SCOPE™?

Our knowledge pool is a research database called the SpecialtyCare Operative Procedural Registry, or SCOPE™. It’s accessible to our associates and partners so that we can collect key information from the 400,000+ surgical procedures we support in more than 1,100 hospitals around the U.S. SCOPE is the largest database of its kind, and it provides our clinicians the opportunity to gain expertise far beyond their own experiences. We want to provide the absolute best support to our hospital partners, and SCOPE helps achieve that objective by serving as a reservoir of our collective knowledge.

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SpecialtyCare uses SCOPE for several reasons: 

  • To recognize key standards across the healthcare industry
  • To provide our clinicians with a pulse on best practices for all kinds of procedures
  • To determine important benchmarks in surgical success
  • To foster innovations that improve patient outcomes
  • To increase efficiency in the OR and proactively minimize costs

And all of this, of course, is in the service of facilitating safer surgery. 

Research Promotes Innovation in the OR

Since the beginning of medical history, clinicians have learned from each other by writing down their actions and the results. They have carefully articulated patient histories and recorded their approaches as well as the outcomes. Among these experiences, trends have emerged, and studies have enabled clinicians to save more lives by conducting new and more effective procedures. The more research that is available to clinicians everywhere, the more — and faster — that surgical science can leap forward. Thanks to databases like SCOPE, perfusionists, surgeons, IONM experts, and surgical support staff alike do not have to learn solely through their own experiences; they are enriched by the influx of learnings from others. 

Our Commitment to Safer Surgery

SpecialtyCare is committed the cause of safer surgery and improved patient outcomes. We provide services such as perfusion, IONM, surgical assist, and complex instrument support to hospitals for the purpose of higher efficiency, reduced costs, surgeon satisfaction, and overall patient wellness. We believe our perfusion data helps to promote best practices and increase the development of the field as a whole, which is why we collect and share it. If you are interested in SCOPE or learning more about our services, please get in touch with us today. We would also love to hear from you if you’re a clinician seeking greater opportunities to expand your knowledge, skill set, and experience. Contact us today to find out what it means to become part of the SpecialtyCare team.