Reasons to be a Perfusionist in Irvine, CA

Fun fact. You’ve probably seen glimpses of Irvine, California, before and didn’t even realize it. Nestled in Orange County, it’s been featured on numerous popular TV shows like Laguna Beach and Real Housewives of Orange County. If that summer-like beach oasis brings a smile to your face, you’ll be happy to hear that SpecialtyCare has open positions for perfusionists in Irvine as we speak.

Featured all over Indeed and LinkedIn, we’re even offering a pretty sweet sign-on bonus. Before you check out the job details, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of Irvine to see if it would be the perfect fit for you.

The Beach

To get you oriented fast in regards to location, it’s best if you think of Irvine as one small part of a much bigger and exciting packaged deal. Irvine is one of many cities in the same coastal region along with Anaheim, Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Santa Monica, just to name a few. It’s just southeast of Anaheim, a mere 20-minute drive with no traffic. But the best part of the deal by far is the beach.

Irvine is 15 minutes away from the Pacific with Newport Beach. Remember that show The O.C. and how gorgeous the location was? That was shot and took place in Newport. Irvine is also under an hour away from other popular beach towns like Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Manhattan Beach and Santa Monica.

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Theme Parks

In Irvine, you are smack dab in the middle of the action. This includes being close to some of the most famous theme parks in the country. Irvine is 20 minutes from Disneyland. And if you think Disneyland is a “one and done” experience, think again. The park transforms itself at Halloween and Christmas, and is constantly adding new attractions, like Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, a new section of the park opening this summer. Across the street is Disney’s California Adventure, which is geared more toward adults with thrill rides.

Also nearby is Knott’s Berry Farm, a more traditional take on the theme park with wooden and metal roller coasters, carnival rides and familiar fair games. Then there’s Los Angeles, which has Universal Studios and Harry Potter World. Many who live in Irvine take day trips to LA often to check out the dozens of forms of entertainment it has to offer. And if you’re looking to take advantage of the glorious warm weather all year round, you can check out Six Flags Hurricane Harbor water park in LA. It’s closed for renovations right now, but due to reopen this summer.

Sporting Events

For the die-hard sports fan, it doesn’t get better than Southern Cal. Irvine is 15 minutes from the Angels baseball stadium and the Mighty Ducks arena. They’re also just 45 minutes away from the Rams, the Lakers, the Clippers, the Dodgers, and the Kings. When was the last time you had access to a whopping 7 professional sports clubs?



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