The research is there — ECMO programs are saving lives on a more frequent basis. But hospital leaders must consider what’s needed to mimic the efficacy of treatment at ECMO centers. For everything from consultation to staffing, SpecialtyCare can show you how a life saving program gets up and running.

Variations in Survival Rates Call for a Strategic Approach

The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine released findings on a study of over 50,000 ECMO patients between 1989 and 2013. The findings indicated that hospitals with more than 30 adult ECMO cases each year had “significantly lower odds of mortality” in comparison with hospitals that treated six or fewer adult cases.

“The volume–outcome relationship is hypothesized to be driven by one of two mechanisms: ‘selective referral’ or ‘practice makes perfect,’” The Journal explains. “Hospital ECMO volume may increase through selective referral to hospitals reputed to have favorable ECMO outcomes. In ‘practice makes perfect,’ increased experience improves performance and thereby outcomes. In ECMO, a multidisciplinary team provides care, so the entire team must evolve for this process to occur.”

The Advisory Board states, “The majority of U.S. hospitals treat 1-2 patients—largely due to lack of a structured ECMO strategy. Limited volumes jeopardize ECMO program quality and financial feasibility, especially due to ECMO’s high start-up costs and resource-intensive, complex patient population.”

It’s clear that having a strategic approach when implementing an ECMO program is critical. Hospitals need the cooperation of the entire multidisciplinary team and must employ best practices for the most ideal outcomes. 

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How to Implement Your ECMO Program Strategically with SpecialtyCare

Hospitals do not have to handle the responsibilities of setting up a program entirely on their own. SpecialtyCare provides ECMO assessments, consulting, and specialists, including coordinators to manage ECMO programs. Here are some advantages to partnering with us:

  • Staff Placement. Not only do we know exactly what it takes to get ECMO programs up and running safely, we are able to place highly trained ECMO specialists at hospitals to maintain them. 
  • Extensive Knowledge of Best Practices. With an extensive research database that collects information from the 400,000 procedures we support every year, our clinicians have a clear window into the most effective methods and best practices being used throughout the industry. We understand what’s involved in developing the structure and protocols that will help your ECMO program run efficiently. 
  • High-Quality Oversight. Our strategic support also involves providing a surgical leader to ensure the quality and superior functionality of your program. In addition, we have detailed guidelines for the clinical coordinator who will handle the day-to-day responsibilities under the surgical leader’s supervision.

The rationale for establishing a program is increasing as the uses of ECMO expand. But the truth is, there’s a lot at stake without the right kind of support. 

Need an Expert ECMO Consultation?

If you’d like an expert assessment of your current ECMO program or capacity to start one successfully, please get in touch with our team at SpecialtyCare. We conduct thorough reviews and provide consultation to help you know exactly what to do to get your ECMO program running smoothly. We can also place highly trained perfusionists, surgical leaders, and coordinators at your hospital to manage the program.

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