An underperforming sterile processing department (SPD) can be the source of dramatic hidden costs, both financially and in terms of patient outcomes. The sterile processing department is always viewed as a cost center, but the truth is that it holds the potential for significant savings, improved outcomes, and financial rewards. With changes in the way CMS reimburses health systems, the SPD can actually become a revenue center based on high performance. 


Here are some areas where underperforming SPDs are killing outcomes & CMS reimbursements:

Demands in the OR Have a Ripple Effect

A high volume of surgeries and instrument backlog leads to improperly cleaned or broken tools, driving up the incidence of SSIs and replacement costs.

CMS Reimbursements Are Determined by Performance

CMS has changed its rules for reimbursements, punishing inefficiency with lower reimbursements and rewarding excellence with bonuses.

Underperforming SPDs Take Their Toll in Patient Lives

From Infection Control Today: “[A] single poorly trained CS tech can adversely affect more patients in a single day than a bad surgeon.” 

Download our guide as we take a deeper dive into the impact of each of these secret financial losses. 

Turn Your SPD into a High Performance Engine that Earns Above-Average Reimbursements and Bonuses.

Generalized sterile processing departments are not simply a more traditional way of operating, they’re becoming increasingly high risk. When you invest in management support, education, and specialization for your sterile processing department, you can reduce costs and increase satisfaction among surgeons, staff, and patients while decreasing the risk of Surgical Site Infections (SSIs).

Without specialization, your SPD is more than a financial drain — it’s a place that can drive up costs through broken tools, SSIs, and high turnover rates. But you can turn it around into a department that earns bonuses and improves patient outcomes. Learn how to turn your cost center SPD into a revenue center with our free guide.

Need an Expert SPD Consultation?

If you’d like an expert assessment of your sterile processing department, please get in touch with our team at SpecialtyCare. We conduct thorough reviews and provide consultation to help you know exactly what to do to improve your SPD’s performance and efficiency. We can also place highly trained complex instrument specialists in your SPD according to your needs. To learn more, contact us today.