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SpecialtyCare Covers AmSECT Membership for Perfusion Service Line

SpecialtyCare is excited to announce a new partnership with the American Society of Extracorporeal Technology (AmSECT)...

In Loving Memory of Jonathan Walters

Dear SpecialtyCare Friends, It is with a heavy heart and tremendous sense of loss that I...

SpecialtyCare Addresses Perfusionist Shortage with Brown-Brukardt Scholarship

Each year, 350,000 people require open-heart surgery and related cardiovascular perfusion support. These procedures require a…

SpecialtyCare Sponsors Knights 5K@5

Nolensville Knights5k

Registration funds will support athletics and special education at Nolensville High SpecialtyCare loves to give back…

Supply Drive Success!


SpecialtyCare staff participated in a back-to-school drive, supporting our partner nonprofit PENCIL and its free school…

Neuromonitoring with the Spinal Brigade in Honduras

The World Pediatric Project coordinates and mobilizes surgical, diagnostic, and medical specialty teams to provide treatment for young people in countries where advanced pediatric care is unavailable to children in need. I was lucky to be invited on a mission trip to Honduras as part of this program. It was an incredible experience, one that I will l never forget.

Patient Blood Management Aligns with Value-Based Healthcare Goals


Both the American Medical Association and The Joint Commission consider red blood cell transfusion to be among the five most overused procedures, yet it remains one of the most commonly performed medical interventions in U.S. hospitals today. Vague clinical guidelines and long-held norms have created wide variation in the use of transfusion, but many administrators and clinicians are now realizing that reducing transfusion rates with evidence-based patient blood management programs can provide significant clinical and economic benefits.

How Surgical Assistants and Surgeon Satisfaction Collide

surgical assist, surgeon satisfaction

It’s hard to overstate the importance of trust and confidence in the operating room when so much is on the line. The surgeon needs to know that every member of the OR team is experienced and reliable. This is especially true of the surgical assistant, who serves as an extension of the physician before, during, and after the procedure. In addition to providing exceptional clinical skills, a valuable surgical assistant (SA) understands the surgeon’s preferences and enables a rhythm and a shorthand that promote successful patient outcomes and surgeon satisfaction.

Mothers Inspire Us at Home and in Careers

mother's day

This weekend is Mother’s Day. The women who nurtured our young selves also inspired us to dream of who we could become. Many of us grew up witnessing these special women diligently pursuing excellence in scientific or health-related careers, and we chose to follow similar paths. Here are a few tributes to the mothers behind our SpecialtyCare family. We encourage you to take a few minutes to remember the women whose love and inspiration made a difference in your life.