Engaging the Passionate Healthcare Professional

SusanByrd-blogSusan Byrd, MHRD
Senior Vice President, People
September 1, 2016

We’re a people company that provides skilled clinical experts who help saves lives and prevent injuries in the operating room. Building a highly talented clinical workforce is imperative for providing the best possible outcomes for our patients and our customers. We know, however, that the most effective people bring much more than clinical excellence to their work.  That’s why, when hiring, we look for passionate, driven people who are dedicated to making a difference in the delivery of healthcare.

We look for people who understand the stakes, both for the patient and for the customer. We look for personal values that align with our organizational values—integrity, a sense of urgency, teamwork, respect, accountability, and a desire for continuous improvement—because these are the qualities that make a difference in patient interactions, relationship building, and performance improvement.

People with these qualities reflect our overall approach to patient care and customer service, and we’re thrilled to add them to the SpecialtyCare team. But, recruiting is just the beginning. If hiring is a sprint, engaging and retaining top talent is a marathon.

We focus on continuing engagement, communication, education, and training after the hire because it makes for better clinicians, but also because passionate people look for value in their work that extends beyond excellence in clinical care. They look for the intangibles and meaningful connections that prompted many of them to choose healthcare as a profession in the first place.

We survey our 1,500 associates on a regular basis. The feedback helps us identify opportunities for improvement and clarify the issues that matter most to our associates. With great consistency, our people tell us it’s important that they are valued and heard, that they are given the resources to grow their skills and knowledge, and that they feel pride in the quality of care we provide.

Here are a few actual comments from our most recent survey:

“SpecialtyCare, more than any other organization I have ever been associated with, actively listens to its people and customers and works to improve itself. I think this is a DEFINING quality of SC.”

“The organization values training and continuing education. Its efforts in that regard should be applauded.”

“We deliver exemplary services and product to our hospitals and patients. We are the best at what we do across the country in neurophysiological monitoring and I am proud to be part of this kind of organization.”

The importance of building and maintaining a culture that gives associates a voice, makes room for personal development, and instills pride in the organization is not unique to our industry. But maybe it’s especially important to the type of person who is drawn to healthcare because they understand what’s at stake, and because caring for patients requires a supply of personal reserves that money alone cannot replenish.

Whatever the reason, we know that our people are our most valuable asset and we appreciate every associate for their contributions to our team. Our goal is to sustain a culture where they can thrive and find satisfaction, both personally and professionally. So, every day we continue our diligence around all aspects of the associate experience, from recruiting and hiring to training and retention. It’s all part of our commitment to creating a clinically excellent, highly engaged workforce that is dedicated to providing the best outcomes for our patients and great results for our customers.










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