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OR Excellence Conference: Thinking Beyond Familiar Strategies

OR Excellence Conference

Mitigating risk is top of mind in healthcare right now. The OR Excellence Conference hit this topic and many more head-on during its 9th annual gathering in Las Vegas. With 400 OR professionals in attendance, the conference curriculum focused on hospitals improving clinical outcomes, expanding caseloads, growing more profitable, and protecting staff and assets, all in an innovative and interactive learning format. Attendees are constantly looking for ways to protect their patients, succeed economically, and position their hospitals for the future while mitigating the risk of moving away from volume-based reimbursement to value-based care tied specifically to improving patient outcomes and minimizing clinical variation.

The 30th Annual OR Manager Conference in Orlando: Turning Healthcare Uncertainty into Something Magical

30th Annual OR Manager Conference

The OR Manager Conference is the premier executive-level event for OR directors and OR business managers concerned with management of the surgical suite, and is dedicated to providing industry solutions and leading best practices. With 1,400 executive OR professionals in attendance, the focus this year was to improve efficiency and affectivity with sessions on patient safety, infection control, OR flow, staff motivation, and leadership. All of these topics were discussed in keynotes, in sessions, in networking events, and in the exhibit hall in the context of preparing strong OR leaders for the unpredictable climate we’re currently experiencing in healthcare.

AORN 2017: A Continuing Commitment to Quality Care

ACORN 2017

AORN 2017 was the place to be for perioperative registered nurses and others who share a continuing commitment to quality care. Nurses, and the hospitals they represent, are constantly looking for ways to improve patient outcomes while also reducing the cost of care. Both of these goals were addressed in some of the most talked-about educational sessions and posters presented during the conference. Cost containment and better clinical outcomes were also recurring themes among the ­600 attendees who visited our booth. In addition to exhibiting, we hosted an educational networking dinner that featured a presentation on one of healthcare’s hottest topics—patient blood management (PBM).

Consolidation Contributes to Delivery of Higher Value Care

Consolidation Contributes to Delivery of Higher Value Care

Consolidation in healthcare is nothing new, in fact it’s hotter than ever. Most analysts, and others who know the industry well, will tell you this trend is positive as we seek better patient outcomes, operational efficiencies, and cost containment to deliver higher value care. In the outsourced medical service provider sector of healthcare, we also can increase value with mergers and acquisitions. As the sector matures, consolidation offers new opportunities to provide customers with high quality, specialized, and reliable services that support hospitals’ goals within today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Welcoming the People and Perfusion Expertise of Trident

SpecialtyCare Acquires Trident

SpecialtyCare has completed an asset purchase of Trident Health Resources, Inc., a highly regarded, clinically focused perfusion company. With the people of Trident joining SpecialtyCare and moving forward as one team, under one name, we have the opportunity to support each other and learn from each other as we participate in some of the most complex and interesting procedures performed today. We are uniquely positioned to define what superior clinical and financial outcomes look like and to provide those outcomes for our patients and our customers. We are thrilled to join together to serve as a resource for perfusion care and best practices that in-house and competitive programs simply cannot match. It’s an exciting time, and we look forward to all that we will accomplish together.